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Your First Visit

Welcome to Complete Dental Care! We are excited you are considering our dental office to provide your dental care. There is nothing we enjoy more than meeting new patients and making them feel right at home! We hope this page will give you some insight on what to expect at your initial new patient appointment and help put your mind at ease. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions you may have.

If you’re ready to schedule your first visit to Complete Dental Care, please call us at (605) 371-3000 or send us an email using our online contact form.

New Patient Paperwork

Before your first appointment, we need to gather some essential information about you that will help us understand what your oral health needs are. For your convenience, we include our patient forms online here so you may complete them before your arrival and bring them in to your first appointment. If you prefer to complete them upon arrival, plan to arrive about 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to complete them here in our dental office.

Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance, feel free to provide us with this information before your first appointment. You can give it to us over the phone or take a picture of your insurance card and email it to us at . When we have your insurance information beforehand, we can verify your dental insurance benefits so that when you are here, we can provide you with accurate estimates for any necessary treatment. Providing the insurance information before your appointment is not required, so don’t worry if you would rather bring it along to your first appointment. We want your first visit to be as simple and easy as possible!

What to Bring to Your First Visit

Please bring a photo ID as well as any insurance cards and payment methods you plan to use.

Release of Records

If you are a new patient transferring in from another dental office, we welcome the transfer of records from your prior dentist; however, we don’t require it. We want your experience to be easy and hassle free, so if you are comfortable asking for your patient records from your prior dentist, great! If not, that’s okay too! Your prior dentist will probably have a Release of Records form for you to complete before they can release your records to us.

Your First Appointment

When you arrive at Complete Dental Care, you can expect to be welcomed warmly. You will meet someone from our front desk team who will check you in and gather your information. We have complimentary water bottles and chap stick just for you! There is also a TV and a variety of magazines in the lobby.

One of our awesome hygienists, Rachelle, Grace, or Emily, will welcome you back to your room and get you settled comfortably. They will first talk to you about your oral health habits and take any necessary x-rays. Once you are settled in, they will do a dental cleaning (unless you happen to need a deep cleaning) and talk to you about anything observations they have.

Once your teeth are shiny and clean, Dr. Perets will come in and talk to you about your dental history and any concerns you may have. He will perform a comprehensive exam and talk to you about any areas of concern. If you have immediate concerns or pain you would like addressed in your first visit, please let us know when scheduling your new patient appointment. We can often complete or start treatment the same day in these instances.

Developing a Personalized Treatment Plan

Dr. Perets will discuss any findings with you, and if he finds that you need any dental work, he will spend time with you to explain what the problem is and how addressing it early will benefit you. We’ll personalize a treatment plan that takes all your unique needs into account and helps you achieve your oral health goals.

Before you leave, you will check out with someone from our front desk team, who will take any payment due (if any), review your insurance and financial needs, and help you schedule future appointments as necessary.

Children's Appointments

During your child’s first appointment at our office, our team will work to build their trust and help them feel comfortable. By talking with your child and getting to know them, our team will be able to provide them exceptional dental care. During their visit, you are welcome to accompany them in the treatment room or wait in our reception area. It is important to know that any patient who is under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult at their first visit.

If you’re ready to schedule your first appointment, please call our office at  (605) 371-3000 or use our convenient online contact form.

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